Soft Touch Fischer Orthopaedic Cane

Lovely wooden cane. Orthopaedic left or right grip. Soft touch feel fischer handle for added comfort.


£29.99 ex VAT

(£35.99 inc VAT)

Soft Touch Fischer Orthopaedic Cane

An unusual and practical cane, suitable for everyday support. The orthopaedic handle has a soft-touch coating, which is pleasant to feel.

The handle is available to fit the left or right hand and is suitable for those who cannot grasp a traditional crook or derby handle as the weight is spread across the palm of the hand making them a comfortable choice.

These canes are often bought in pairs. The hardwood shaft is fitted with a rubber ferrule. Height adjustment is achieved by cutting the shaft as appropriate. Remember, measure twice, cut once!

Height: 36" (92cm)

Soft Touch Fischer Orthopaedic Cane