Harley Proform Cushion

Available in four designs this is a great range offering maximum comfort at a minimum price. Manufactured from high grade nodular foam.


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Harley Proform Cushion

Manufactured from high grade nodular foam allowing air to circulate freely. Ideal for a variety for situations, whether to elevate an easy chair or for comfort in a wheelchair. Lightweight, easily transportable and highly comfortable. Supplied with luxury faux suede cover as standard.

Size 43cm x 43cm x 8cm. Available as Standard, Ringo, Coccyx or Combi versions.  The standard is a square cushion with no cut outs. The Ringo has a circular cut out in the middle providing pressure relief in the centre, the middle foam piece is supplied to convert back to a standard cushion. The Coccyx version has a horseshoe shaped cut out at the back to relieve pressure on the base of the spine. The Combi version has a ‘T’ shaped cut out to relieve pressure on the bony pelvis bones.

These cushions are suitable for those with only a LOW risk of developing pressure sores. Proform Ultra Cushion is also available in 10cm depth.

Harley Proform Cushion