EZ Stand and Go

For anyone who has trouble standing from a sofa or chair. Provides two sturdy armrests at the right height. Discrete and attractive.

£104.49 ex VAT

(£125.39 inc VAT)

EZ Stand and Go

If you or a loved one has trouble standing from a sofa, chair, or recliner, the EZ Stand and Go from Stander can help you stand with confidence.

It’s perfect for those who are recovering from surgery, have back pain, general unsteadiness, or have a lower-set sofa that is hard to stand from. Armrests are often set too low, and don t provide enough leverage to help you stand. This gives you two handles right where you need it for maximum support while standing. Adjustable to fit any sofa, chair, or recliner. Designed to blend in with your Living Room, like another piece of furniture, to maintain the comforting feeling of your home.

Width between handles adjustable from 19″ (48cm) to 26″ (66cm). Base dimensions adjustable depth 23″ (58cm) to 26″ (66cm). Width adjustable from 19″ (48cm) to 26″ (66cm).

Height: 22" (56cm) to 32" (81cm)
Weight Limit: 136kg / 21st

EZ Stand and Go