Sherwood Perching Stool

Sturdy perching stool. Suitable for shower or home. Fully height adjustable.

£87.71 ex VAT

(£105.25 inc VAT)

Sherwood Perching Stool

A very sturdy and comfortable shower or perching seat.

It has a plastic coated padded seat and arm rests with waterproof welded seams. Grey seat with padded arms and white legs.

Height adjustable from 19.5″ (39cm) to 25.5″ (65cm). Width between armrests 16 1/4″ (41.5cm).

Width: 415mm
Height: 19.5" (50cm) to 25.5" (65cm)
Seat Width: 14" (35.5cm)
Weight Limit: 152kg / 24st

Sherwood Perching Stool