Savanah Slatted Bath Seat

Strong, comfortable and quick draining. Suitable for both bathing and showering. Available in 3 heights.


£32.58 ex VAT

(£39.10 inc VAT)

Savanah Slatted Bath Seat

These seats are strong, comfortable and quick draining.

The smooth seat slats are fully sealed against the ingress of water and the fittings are plastic or stainless steel, giving a corrosion resistant seat.

The seat is held in place by 4 strong suckers which attach securely to the bottom of the bath. Choice of 6″ (15cm), 8″ (20cm) or 12″ (30cm) seat height.

Width: 18" (457mm)
Height: 6" (15cm)
Length: 11 1/4 " (290mm)
Weight Limit: 190kg / 30st

Savanah Slatted Bath Seat